Stringings Done By MaxLaxStrings

On this page you can see all the stringings that I do. Even if I don’t make a video of it, it will be up here for you guys to take a look at! Enjoy! If you want me to string your head go to the stringing order page!

super 1super 2

STX Super Power
Pocket: High
Whip: 4-5
Characteristics: White MaxWax Mesh, all white sidewall, white shooting strings

cobra 1cobra 2cobra 3

Warrior Cobra X 1/16/13
Pocket: High
Whip: 6-7
Characteristics: White MaxWax Mesh, all white sidewall, blue shooting strings

clutch superlight 1clutch superlight 2

Brine Clutch Superlight
Pocket: Mid Low
Whip: 4
Characteristics: Forest Green Fade MaxWax Mesh, all white sidewall, yellow shooting strings

lakota 1lakota 2lakota 3

Nike Lakota
Pocket: Mid
Whip: 5-6
Characteristics: Black Stripes Blue Fade Stripe Mesh, all white sidewall, white shooting strings

money 1money 3

Warrior Razor
Pocket: Mid
Whip: 6
Characteristics: White MaxWax Mesh, all green sidewall, yellow shooting strings

goalie 1goalie 2goalie 3

STX Goalmaster
Pocket: Mid
Whip: 4
Characteristics: 12D MaxWax Goalie Mesh, all black sidewall, white shooting strings

20 thoughts on “Stringings Done By MaxLaxStrings

  1. Hey max, I love your mesh. I was wondering if you could string up a stick for me. If so do you think i could get it like how you strung up the STX Super Power. I know what whip is but not much about the whip scale, so if you could help me thanks. Also can you string up a high pocket and NCAA legal. Finally can you do a triangle top string? Please get back to me when you can, thanks Shack. Feel free to email me.

  2. Do you buy sticks because i have a haywire mid flex patriot edition and a royal blue nike dunk strung up with a mid pocket and a great channel. You can buy seperate or togethor 35 for the head 40 for the shaft and 65 all together.

    • Hey Henrick,

      I usually don’t purchase used gear unless it’s local and I can look at it. I would suggest you try putting it up on ebay or another site.

  3. Hey Max, I am about to get a nike lakota head. I am a middie, but I am relatively new to the sport. What kind of stringing would you recommend for the lakota? I’ve heard its really good for middies, and I want a stick that i can rely on, even in the rain.

    • Definitely you should go with MaxWax Mesh for its all weather performance and I’d say a mid pocket with not too much whip would do nicely in the Lakota. If you want me to string it you can order it through the stringing page on my website or if you or someone else is going to string it head on over to the maxwax mesh page and stringing kit page so you can get all the strings you need to string the head.

  4. Love what you are doing here all the support in the world, when i get the cash for a new head you will definitely be the one stringing it big props to you man.

  5. hey dude I bought that forest green noz from you a lil while ago with wax mesh with 1 nylon and 2 u’s so I have another head I would like you to string the same way how much would it cost me

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