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I began playing lacrosse for Western Loudoun Lacrosse and loved the sport. I got really interested in all the different ways players were stringing their heads. I started to learn about different head types and ways to string a head. I am now in 11th grade at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, VA.

Max McNerney presents his business model for a group of entrepreneurs. Click image for the article.

I quickly found out that I was pretty good at stringing heads and custom-izing them to certain styles of play. Since then, I have strung over 100 heads and also have begun custom dyeing. 

I have invented my custom wax blend that I call MaxWax Mesh. 

I have had great success in growing my business. Sales of MaxWax mesh have increased incredibly in the last few months. I am in many Play-It-Again Sports stores and have been selected as one of Loudoun County’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year. 

Would you like to try a wax mesh that doesn’t flake or dry out? Does your head need restringing? Do you think that a different shooting string style might make a difference?

Email me at maxlaxstrings@gmail.com and let’s talk. I’m sure I can make a differ-ence in your accuracy. I am also sure I can make your stick look awesome!

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  1. Hey Max! I just wanted to thank you for all you have been doing here, you have inspired me to make my own mesh business, i finally found a really nice blend and i am getting pretty large orders. I doubt my company will ever be as big as yours but i just wanted to say thank you.

    • East Coast Mesh is good, but I believe my mesh has improved on some of the things it lacks. ECM flakes a little bit and comes off on your fingers a lot but my mesh doesn’t flake at all and is a breeze to string.

  2. I love your mesh I use it on all my heads keep it up but you need to work on yours fades a little bit but other than that it’s good quality mesh thanks and keep producing

  3. how did you find out the correct formula for ur blend. I dont understand how everyone is making blends they have to be finding it somewhere! I was wondering if you could give me any hints?! please>>>>>>>>>>help me——- drew
    p.s. plse write back thx. 🙂

    • Hey Drew – If I told you the blend, then it wouldn’t be a secret! It’s called trial and error. I tried a number of combinations of substances until I found the right combinations. You can either try a bunch of different substances yourself, or you can just buy my mesh!!

  4. Hi can I have a piece of white mesh and stringing kit to reveiw i have a new business I my goal is to be yours probally won’t happen but can you give me some of your mesh please I’m begging for a fellow lax player please please

    • Hey Jacob – Glad to hear you are starting into the stringing business! Since my materials cost so much, I can’t give out any more review pieces. Once you get into it, I’ll be happy to talk about quantity discounts, etc.

  5. Hello , my name is Devon read and I am a 16 year old lacrosse player for Coventry high school located in Coventry,rhode island. Right now we are in tough shape and we need help bad. We are a 2nd year team and we have to raise 15,000 dollars for my team to have a season this year. I am NOT contacting your company for money we do not want money. I am contacting your company for any help you can give us. i realize that your company specializes in mesh for heads. currently we have five unstrung warrior swarm x heads that were donated to us by mike rabinovitz who is the brand manager over at warrior and brine lacrosse. i was wondering if you could donate some mesh for us to string these heads cause we can not afford to buy string for them. i realize you guys sell special edition mesh but we DO NOT want that. all we need is your simple run of the line plain white mesh kits. nothing special. I have a 501c3 document that states that we can be used as a tax write off. I hope there is something you can do for us cause it would really mean a lot to us at Coventry lacrosse.thank you so much for your time

    • Devon,

      Thanks for the message. Since I have to buy my raw materials (mesh, strings, etc.) at close to retail prices, it would be hard for me to send you any mesh. I get my raw materials from Jimalax, which has the best prices for soft mesh, which is what I use for MaxWax. Good luck and I hope you can find some donations. I would be happy to string those 4 heads if you wanted to send the raw materials, but I assume one of your coaches might be able to string them.

      – Max

    • Cory,

      Sorry, I don’t do girls lax heads yet. They are more complicated than boys, and I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

  6. Hey Max,
    I just ordered some striped mesh, I just wanted to know the payment and everything went through okay just to make sure

  7. hey max i was wondering if the stringing comes with the head or do you have to order a head to string on and my dad is looking forward to seeing you at the lemon head meeting for your application.

  8. Hey Max, I just have to say what you’re doing here is awesome. If you look at other prices for mesh and stringing jobs, many of them are easily three times what you’re charging. Same with shipping. I’m going to be ordering some in the near future, and you can be sure I will do a review of how amazing it is!

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